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Stop Button Text From Showing Up Divi Blue

Aug 21, 2017 | CSS Tip | 2 comments

This is from my #diviquicktip CSS snippet series in which I post different quick CSS fixes on my Facebook page whenever I come across some of the most common pesky Divi quirks. I'll be pulling them from my fb page and adding them here on my blog monthly 😊




Have you ever noticed that even when you have the button text set to white in the customizer sometimes it will still show up Divi’s default blue?? It’s a strange bug that happens on only a few of my Divi sites.


If you change the color code just a smidge then the new color will kick in, so I use hex color code #fcfcfc since it’s super close to white. Et voilà!


Thanks for stopping by! 😃👋

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