Last Updated on July 3, 2019

Gravity Forms CSS Styling – Misc. Looks

Nov 12, 2017 | CSS Tutorial | 6 comments

I love creating different styles for Gravity Forms using CSS so I’ve curated a few in this post so you can quickly access the code and view the demos. When I have new ones I’ll add them to this post!

For all of these the CSS can go in your Divi theme options > custom CSS box or your child stylesheet, you’ll just need to change the color codes to match your site. Background images are in the section settings, have fun!

Even though I work in Divi these CSS snippets are using Gravity’s own classes, so you can use these on any WordPress site using their plugin. The one using the ET font can use Font Awesome (or another icon library) in its place.

The Divi Look

Gravity form styled to look like Divi

Add ET Icons

Gravity form with ET icons for radios and checkboxes

Material Design Inspired

Gravity Form styled like material design