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Have you ever been on a company’s website and you notice that they’ve paid attention to every detail except their contact form? It’s a real visual bummer. Don’t be that company, I can help 🙂

Not just for contact forms, this is for client forms, questionnaires, and whatever you use a form builder for.

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About This Product

Do you ever go to a site and you’re really loving everything — the graphics, the content, the flow — it’s all great! And then you get to the contact page… womp womp. No attention has been paid to the poor contact form. It’s there in its generic state looking out of place in the context of your entire site.

I can help with that!

I looove styling contact forms to match websites, I think it’s one of the easiest ways to add uniqueness and carry your branding throughout. With this purchase I’ll go in (I’ll need admin access) and style the form myself to match the rest of your site. And I don’t forget about the little details, hover and focus styling are included where appropriate.

I can integrate Font Awesome or the Elegant Themes icon font (if you’re using one of their themes) to replace checkboxes and radios to give your form some visuals. If your site has custom graphics and you can get me some original files I can possibly use them in your forms too!

I’ve worked most with the Divi contact formCaldera Forms, and Gravity Forms but I can work with any WordPress form builder plugin. This is for CSS design only, I do not build the forms, they must be built already.


1 Select the form type and complete purchase (you can add multiple types of forms to your cart).

2 I receive a notification and email you within 1 business day.

3 We discuss > I get login access > I consider any looks you have bookmarked for me to look at (optional) and I get to work matching your form(s) to your site using my expertise and creativity.




Is the price per form?

Yes, but there are exceptions (see below).

What if I have one form but in multiple spots?

Not to worry, you only pay for one in this case and my CSS will apply to the same form sitewide.

I have more than one form and all have checkboxes and radios, just in different areas. Does that count as one or more?

That sounds more like one. Whether you have two checkboxes or 20 my code will affect them all (unless I specify that they don’t but that’s not the norm), so if you have multiple forms using the same types of fields (just in different spots on the forms) I’d say choose one and we can discuss if necessary.

My form doesn’t exactly match any of the three options, which should I choose?

That’s okay, I figured this might come up often because forms are used for so many purposes, and being that you’ve already built them you could fall somewhere in the middle. Just pick what is closest and we can discuss any additional charges (if there are any). I’m not going to be a stickler about the minutia, I’m offering this because I truly love styling forms.

I’m not able to buy this, can I style them myself?

Actually you can if you wanna give it a go! I have CSS snippets available for Caldera Forms and Gravity Forms to help get you started, you’ll just need to tweak it to suit your needs.

Additional information

Not sure which form type to pick?

Choose the one that most resembles your form and I'll discuss with you before beginning work. You may also contact me at if you have questions.


I style for modern, up-to-date browsers. That means I cannot guarantee compatibility with Internet Explorer or any other browser that is outdated or does not support current coding practices.