Divi Website Redesign

I’m available for small to medium-size Divi website redesigns, they’re kinda my specialty. Maybe you’d like a new look for 2020, this could be a perfect matchup! If you have a site that needs freshening up and are willing to trust me (I can’t stress enough how important this is) to give your website a makeover then please keep reading and see if we might be a good fit.

General Scope

The ideal website would be 4-8 main pages complete with content so that I have 90% of what I need readily available to start redesigning the site ASAP. Blog sites are fine, ecommerce might be okay if your shop is very small (10 products or less).

We’ll discuss your message, what you’re currently not happy with, what your conversion goals are and what design changes I think can help achieve those goals, and then get to work on implementing them.

Website maintenance afterwards is not included. We can discuss if it’s something you’re interested in but I do not have a hidden agenda to get you on a maintenance plan, my goal is really just a straightforward redesign project. Marketing, copywriting, anything that’s not design is also not included. This is for website design only.

You need to have a good host using PHP 7+ and the current WordPress version. What’s a good host and why does that matter? Divi is not a lightweight theme. It’s feature-packed and therefore robust, more of a framework really. It requires some heavy lifting and subpar shared hosts just aren’t good enough and will slow down your site and make my job harder. This will all be discussed beforehand and if you’re not sure what you have I can help find that info out, and if you’re interested in moving to a better host I certainly don’t mind helping with that.

Design & Layout

I’m looking to design a clean and simplified (but still creative) layout with a focus on UX (user experience). Making it as intuitive as possible for your visitors to find what they need will be my ultimate goal. Think sleek and easy to use, not animation-heavy. In my opinion excessive animations are just smoke and mirrors for those who don’t actually know how to design.


Obviously I can’t give a precise quote before seeing the current state of a website but the minimum would be in the $3,500 ballpark. I ask for half up front and the remainder when it’s completed. I work on one of my staging sites and do not move the new look to your server until the final bill has been paid (sorry, no exceptions).

Time Frame

No more than 4-6 weeks would be ideal. Content is notoriously hard to get from clients, which is why a redesign with existing content makes the most sense. I would at least have existing content to work with so that the project doesn’t get dragged out for months and months.

About Me (and You)

I’m a big believer in clients finding the right designer “fit” for them, and vice versa. I am not going to be the best choice for every client, and that’s okay. My best fit would be a DIYer who is tired of trying to make their site look good themselves and is ready to hand the reins over to a professional, or someone who doesn’t want to deal with the minutiae of figuring out what layout and design best suits their business.

Most importantly I need to be the only “cook in the kitchen”. I’m not a hobbyist and this isn’t a side hustle. I’m a professional, degree-holding Web Designer with the skills and experience to back it up. Does this mean you won’t have a say in the look of your own website? Of course not (that’s ridiculous!), but it does mean that as the actual web designer my professional opinion does need to be listened to and seriously considered. I will not steer you/your business in the wrong direction. I will put the utmost planning and care into it as if it were my own site (but don’t let my site fool you — I do not do crazy, colorful illustrations on every client’s site haha, I only do what’s appropriate).

If you’re someone who needs to micromanage and thinks you have a fab “eye for design” and has to get all your relative’s opinions before moving forward we probably won’t be a good fit, just being honest. Your time is valuable, my time is valuable, I’m not interested in wasting anyone’s time or having mine wasted. I am a bit direct but I’m also very honest and believe in being ethical in my business practices. If those are traits you’re looking for then I’m your gal!

Unfortunately most of my work in recent years is white label so I cannot link to work I’ve done, but I’ve been lucky enough to work with WordPress, Elegant Themes, Caldera Forms, Aspen Grove Studios, and Divi Life just to name a few.

Sound like your project? If yes please get in touch!