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Yes I’m a Divi Enthusiast!

Are you a Divi developer needing a designer to help lend that proverbial eye for design?
Then I’m your gal! I’m a designer to Divi developers who may need help tying things together on their web projects. Maybe SEO and writing custom scripts really melts your butter and you could do without trying to pick the best fonts, colors, and other design elements. I know Divi pretty much inside and out and I’ve got a pretty solid Graphic Design background. Plus I prefer the frontend design aspect of a build so it’s a win-win!
I can work on an entire site with you or make a few custom layouts and modules you can spread around the site yourself. Because of the flexibility Divi’s library feature offers we can really tailor how we work together that best suits both of us.
A Girl and Her Mac Web Design
A Girl and Her Mac Web Design
Do you have a Divi site but feel it needs a bit of design TLC?
I LOVE tweaking design on Divi sites! Maybe you just need some one-off CSS work to change certain elements or sections of your site and you may not know how to do that or don’t have the time. That’s where I come in. The site can be in-progress or already completed, it’s never too late to improve on your design.

Divi Child Themes

In 2016 I started creating and selling premium child themes for the super-versatile Divi framework. It’s a great creative outlet for me and if it helps others get a jumpstart on their site then even better!

Divi Tutorials & Layouts

I like to share the occasional layout and tutorial when I’m able to. Who doesn’t love a good freebie, right?! My tutorials are all CSS-based but very easy to follow along.

Divi Chat Podcast

If you’re a Divi user then you might be interested in a cool side project I’m part of. It’s a Divi & WordPress Podcast put out weekly by some friends and I, we would love for you to check it out!

If you’re a Divi user you should check out some of the many awesome Divi Facebook groups.

These are a few of my favorites!

My DIY Divi Blog Project

I am SO EXCITED to embark my next little Divi venture! It’s a “just for fun” project that I hope will help aspiring bloggers out there who might be thinking about starting a blog with Divi. I’ve seen several tutorials that go over the basics but I didn’t find anything super in-depth, so I thought it might be interesting to do something a little more hands-on.

Then I thought “hey, I could do something similar to Julie & Julia, except with a Divi blog instead of a cooking blog!” Lol, I know.. I’m a dork 😆

So that’s how this started. I’m going to go step-by-step on buying a domain, getting a hosting plan, installing WordPress and Divi, adding blog posts, creating menus, setting up and styling sidebars — all the tedious stuff that’s not always included in tutorials. And I’ll be building a blog as I go, so if you choose to follow along we’ll be building a blog side by side 😃🙌

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