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Add Text to Monarch Popup

Aug 19, 2017 | CSS Tip | 0 comments

This is from my #diviquicktip CSS snippet series in which I post different quick CSS fixes on my Facebook page whenever I come across some of the most common pesky Divi quirks. I'll be pulling them from my fb page and adding them here on my blog monthly 😊




Are you a Monarch user like me? I love it and it’s my go-to sharing plugin *but* I’ve never liked how when you click on the ‘all networks’ symbol there’s no text saying to share or anything. We can add that pretty easily with some CSS!


The code below goes in your child stylesheet or in Divi theme options > general > Custom CSS box.

You can adjust the size and color and add a font-family and other font-related styles; Note the code comments.

{;} css code
.et_monarch .et_social_popup_content:before {
content: "Thx for sharing!";
font-size: 34px;
color: #000;
/*** If you need to make your entire popup box taller add this and adjust the number if needed ***/
.et_monarch .et_social_popup_content {
height: 450px !important;

Thanks for stopping by! 😃👋

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