A Girl and Her Mac

Designing beautiful things to display on the interwebs.

About Meeee

I’m Leslie, the gal behind A Girl and Her Mac, and I'm a designer, coder, and WordPress geek. I love design and CSS big time! Fine Art was my first love, then Print, and with Web I now focus on frontend design for other web developers and businesses. Below are a few awesome companies I've been lucky enough to work with.

I'm a kid at heart, a show-streaming junkie, and I'm somewhat addicted to all things British (though still a fiercely proud Texan!).

Elegant Themes
Divi Space
Caldera Forms
Divi Life
Sweet Tea Craft Marketing

Factoids + Current Faves

  • Doggie foster mom
  • BFA in Graphic Design
  • Waited on lots of tables
  • Current fave color: #2FF4C0
  • Currently binging: Midsomer Murders
  • Favorite food: PASTA!!!
  • I do NOT eat: olives, yuck!


  • White Label
    • I'm very experienced at working with agencies of all sizes. If you need someone to come in and handle design alongside your developer(s) please get in touch.
  • New Website Builds
  • Website Redesigns
  • Custom Child Themes

Divi Help

I know the Divi theme* really well, I can customize the crap out of it! I've been a guest author on the Elegant Themes blog and am a founding host of the Divi Chat podcast. I offer free Divi tutorials and layouts and was one of the first Divi child theme vendors to hit the Divisphere. I've used it from v1.0 through the bazillions of updates since and know its classes, structure, and quirks inside and out.

I love doing minor CSS tweaks for Divi sites on a donation basis — just easier that way for me.

Please note that I am not available for full Divi website builds or redesigns, the form below is only for minor CSS tweaks.

*affiliate link