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About Meeee

Iā€™m Leslie, the gal behind A Girl and Her Mac, and I'm a designer, coder, and WordPress geek. I love design and CSS big time! Fine Art was my first love, then Print, and with Web I now focus on frontend design for other web developers and businesses. Below are a few awesome companies I've been lucky enough to work with.

I'm a kid at heart, a show-streaming junkie, and I'm somewhat addicted to all things British (though still a fiercely proud Texan!).

Elegant Themes

Caldera Forms


Factoids + Current Faves

  • BFA in Graphic Design
  • Waited on lots of tables
  • Favorite color: #EC4A32
  • Currently binging: Midsomer Murders
  • Favorite food: PASTA!!!
  • I do NOT eat: olives, yuck!


  • Website Redesign
    • If you have a smallish Divi website needing a redesign please contact me below!
  • White Label
    • I'm very experienced at working with agencies of all sizes. If you need someone to come in and handle design alongside your developer(s) please get in touch.

Divi Resources

I know the Divi theme by Elegant Themes really well, I can customize the crap out of it! I share CSS-based Divi tutorials and layouts and was on a weekly podcast called Divi Chat. I no longer sell Divi child themes but I do still offer support for them, and your account can still be accessed.

Divi Chat Podcast on YT
Tutorials & Other Resources

*note that my sites have a few affiliate links

Design Shop

I have a list of designs I've wanted to put on t-shirts, totes, and other items for myself and friends for some time ā€” some silly/nerdy/funny, some possibly offensive 😆 ā€” so that's my latest artistic side venture.

Check it out, plenty more designs to come.