Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Hi and welcome to my office! I'm Leslie, a creative Designer, WordPresser, and CSSer from Texas (the taco-totin' kind, not gun-totin'). Fine Art was my first love, then Print, and with Web I now focus on frontend building for other business owners and agencies.
Leslie Bernal

A Girl and Her Mac

Web Design & White Label Services



Texas, USA

Creating Awesomeness Since 2012


  • WordPress
  • HTML + CSS
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


BFA Graphic Design
Minor in Web Development

Go-to Sans & Serif
Gotham & Georgia

Proud Pet Mom
3 dogs, 1 cat, all spoiled

Most Used 4 Streaming
Acorn TV

Favorite Ice Cream
Peanut butter & chocolate

DIY, crafting, lettering

About the Co.

I started A Girl and Her Mac to create websites for small businesses and nonprofits. Most of my clients needed to be able to edit parts of their site so I've stuck with the WordPress + Divi theme combo over the years. That's allowed me to get super proficient with the theme, I can customize the crap out of it!

I've been a guest author on the Elegant Themes blog, am a founding host of the Divi Chat podcast, and was one of the first Divi child theme vendors to hit the marketplaces. I've used Divi from v1.0 through the bazillions of updates since and know its classes, structure, and quirks inside and out. I don't only work in the Divi theme but I'm very versed in CSSing it into submission.

About the Girl

I'm a kid at heart (obvs), a pet mom, and a bit of a show streaming junkie. In my free time I design t-shirts and stickers, paint, embroider, practice my lettering... I'm basically a serial project-starter and hobby collector and like to try anything creative.

A few awesome companies I've been lucky enough to work with...

Elegant ThemesWordPress.orgDivi SpaceCaldera FormsDivi Life

I partner as a white label Frontend Web Designer for other creative agencies.

If you’re looking for a designer to join your team I may be a good fit. Some examples of what I do: recreate existing sites using the Divi theme, build sites based off mockups, and integrating plugins when a client requests a new feature on their website. I’m very experienced at working with agencies of all sizes and am great with deadlines and communication.

My hourly work.

This service is primarily for individuals and small businesses when only a few design changes are needed. My rates vary and I always give a time/price estimate upfront. Some examples of hourly work: changing the look of a filterable portfolio or blog grid, customizing the navigation menu (including mobile), and styling plugins to better match the rest of a website (contact forms, donation forms, membership plugins, WooCommerce, etc.).

I also design & build custom websites.

I only create 2-3 custom sites per year and for those projects I require quite a bit of design freedom so I’m not going to be the right fit for everyone (and that’s okay!). If you’re willing to give up the reins and trust me then let’s chat. Please note that I no longer offer maintenance services.

I 💖 hunting down classes and doing one-off CSS troubleshooting tasks! If you have an issue I might be able to help.

If you're interested in working together or just have a question feel free to get in touch.

It’s not uncommon to have that one thing on your site that just doesn’t look right but you can’t figure out what’s causing it or how to fix it. I love these types of challenges and they frequently just require a short snippet of code. I only work in HTML/CSS but I can accomplish a lot with that simple combo.

Quickie fixes are pay-what-you-can (donation-based).

  • Note: While I always try first to help by inspecting your site depending on what the issue is I might need admin access.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Do you offer any kind of training?

No I don't but when it comes to WordPress there are a TON of resources online on how to learn the basics, and many of them are free.

Do you offer maintenance plans?

I no longer offer maintenance plans but I highly recommend that you do have a professional maintain your WordPress website.

Do you still create or sell child themes?

No, but if you previously purchased one and have a question feel free to contact me. I still have demo sites of most of them and keep them updated.

How will I know if my issue will take more time than allowed for a donation?

I'll let you know once I look at your issue. Typically if I think something will take me under an hour a donation is fine.

How do I know how much to donate for CSS help?

This is kind of hard to say as every one-off job is so different, and the value placed on solving the issue will vary with everyone. I genuinely enjoy these tasks which is why I'm even offering this type of service so whatever you're able to donate doesn't really matter to me. You can give enough for a pizza, a coffee, pet treats, an audiobook (or two)... however much you're able to.

Are all your designs super colorful? I'm concerned you can't do a more high-end, sophisticated look.

I can absolutely see why that would be a concern but I'll only ever propose what's best for your specific business and target market. I do try to think outside the box but not at the expense of your business or your site visitors. Your business needs will always steer my design and layout work.

If Divi is a page builder with so many settings why would you need CSS?

Yes, Divi is a very robust and full-featured page builder. Even still I've not worked on a Divi site that didn't need some CSS added to achieve exactly what a client might request. Any truly bespoke, non-cookie-cutter website will need some amount of custom code, in my opinion. That being said, CSS is very powerful. And a little goes a very long way.