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About Meeee

Hi there!! My name is Leslie and I’m a web designer based in the great state of Tejas (Spanglish for Texas). I help individuals and small to medium-sized businesses get their much needed online presence and I also do design work for other developers. I’m a regular guest blogger for Elegant Themes and other WordPress companies (i.e. Caldera Forms), customizing with CSS is my jam!

I can come up with more creative, unexpected looks as well as professional layouts that stick to the more popular tried-and-true styles of sites today. I try to experiment with design where I can while always keeping UX (user experience) in mind. I have a BFA in Graphic Design, I care about those pesky visual design-y things like readability and flow, and I pay attention to the details that really make a difference. I like to describe myself as a “designer with a mad crush on coding” since Print was my first love.

Let’s see.. what else?… I’m a kid at heart, a doggie foster mom, a bit of a show-streaming junkie, and I don’t think I could ever live without bacon. Ummm… I’ve thought about it some more… Nope, I can’t.

You can find me pretty much every Tuesday over on a little podcast called Divi Chat with some awesome friends discussing all things Divi and WordPress and at various WordCamps around the US.

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